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BitDeal ICO Project

Bitdeal is a digital currency that allows two willing parties to conduct safe and private transactions anywhere around the world.

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Bitdeal ICO Project
Bitdeal ICO Project


BitDeal ICO Project
BitDeal ICO Project


  • What is Bitdeal?

Bitdeal = Cryptocurrency + Sharing Economy + Industrial Revolution 4.0

Bitdeal Coin aim to provide professional trading and exchange tools within the legal boundaries and with a strong technological and legal protection of financial assets. The ecosystem we are launching on the global market includes instruments for regular users and private cryptocurrencies investors, as well as for institutional investors and financial organizations.

  • What products can users buy using Bitdeal?

We can use some services such as dining, spa, coffee which be provided by the partners of Bitdeal. It’s used for alternative money in shopping deals. With the “Bitdeal” app (shopping app), it help customer can buying products and using services with best discount. In short: Bitdeal = Groupon + Agoda + Cryptocurrency

  • Where can I log in to / register with the Bitdeal ?

You can register and learn more about Bitdeal at:

Home page:

Block Explorer:

Mining Pool:,


Register (Sign up):


  • How to users purchase Bitdeal?

It can be purchased through NovaExchange ( or mining (like mining bitcoin)

  • What is Bitdeal Coin specifications?

Total amount: 300,000,000 BDL

Block rewards: 50 BDL

Hashing algorithm: Scrypt

Network: POW

Block size: 1 MB

Block time: 2.5 min

  • What is the history of this virtual currency?

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